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Slightly materic surfaces get covered by coloured shadows, and thus represent a different interpretation of materic effects. The precious and delicate materic effects created by CeboStrong, together with the metallic essence of CeboStyle Antico, give the possibility to design vast surfaces that possess unique and refined elegance.

Surface treatment:

It can be applied on all substrates such as gypsum, lime or cement based fine render; firstly clean the surface then apply by roller or brush a coat of CeboFix R, acrylic fixative, diluted on 20-30% with water.

Application cycle:

Apply CeboStrong with a stainless steel trowel in an even and smooth layer of 2-3 mm using the diagonal direction of application. When the product is still fresh, decorate the surface by blotting it with CeboSign specific tool (A/35) following the same direction of application. Create irregular, porous and smudgy veins alternated with smoother and more compact areas; while the surface is still wet, smooth it with the trowel in order to take away the excessive material. Prior to the complete drying of the product, smooth and press the surface with the stainless steel trowel. If the product is too dry, use some water to make the trowel wet. When CeboStrong is completely dry, apply the first shade of CeboStyle Antico with the specific brush CeboSi 4” (A/27),  following the pattern and the veins created on the surface, just treated with a synthetic sponge. Dilute the second shade of CeboStyle Antico on 20% with water, then apply the product on the previously designed veins with a synthetic sponge in order to make them lighter and more luminous, while the rest of the surface should maintain the shade applied at first.


Water based acrylic coating for interiors. It has excellent filling properties and can be applied in medium/high thick layers to create special material effects in relief.

CeboStyle Antico:

Water based, washable, full hiding paint with a metallic finish.

product use dilution (water) approx. coverage tool drying time colour
fixative coat CeboFix R interior 20-30% 10-12 m2/L 24 h white
base coat CeboStrong interior ready to use 1,5 m2/L 10-12 h white
finish coat CeboStyle Antico interior ready to use 6-7 m2/L 4-6 h CeboKit & CCS

Colour card:

The shades here presented are computer colour simulations; they must therefore be considered as indicative only, and not binding. Please refer to the Colour Cards with original samples, available with our authorised Dealers.

Preparation of the colours
CeboStyle Antico CeboKit
/1 /8
5 L 1×25 ml 2×100 ml
2,5 L 12,5 ml 1×100 ml
1 L 5 ml 40 ml