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Surface treatment:

It is possible to apply CeboArt Stucco on substrates such as gypsum plaster,
lime or cement based fine renders. Ensure that the substrates are perfectly
clean and dry, with uniform aspect and absorption.

CeboFix R:

Pigmented, breathable fixative, containing fine quartz sands. Apply one coat of CeboFix R with a short hair woollen roller. In case of rough or irregular substrates apply CeboFondo smooth render, when CeboFix R is completely dry.

CeboArt Stucco application cycle

Apply CeboArt Stucco in three coats with a stainless steel trowel. On the prepared and dry surface apply a sufficient quantity of product to attain a smooth layer. When the first coat is completely dry (after about 6-8 hours) apply the second coat with a stainless steel trowel or blade to create the desired decoration, then smooth the surface perfectly. In the third coat apply a small quantity of product, slightly softened, removing the excess; before the product dries completely, polish the entire surface with the same trowel.

CeboArt Marmorino application cycle

Apply one coat of CeboArt Marmorino with stainless steel trowel, to the properly prepared wall; on the perfectly dry substrate apply the second coat and compact the product.

Application cycle for CeboArt Lux on CeboArt Marmorino

Apply a coat of colored CeboArt Marmorino, with stainless steel trowel. Proceed in crossed movements, bearing in mind that the final pattern is created in this first step. Before the surface is completely dry, smooth the surface to remove any imperfections. On the perfectly dry and free from dust, CeboArt Marmorino apply a first coat of CeboArt Lux, colored in the same color as CeboArt Marmorino, with stainless steel trowel, in crossed movements and following the pattern previously created with CeboArt Marmorino. When the product will be dry on the surface (about 3-4 hours)
apply the second coat of CeboArt Lux by smoothing and removing the product for first polishing. Then, when the wall begins to get light and dry, polish the coating going over the surface by repeatedly pressing with the clean stainless steel trowel.


Water based, natural wax for interiors based on beeswax and Marseille soap to increase the natural brightness of the surfaces, giving at the same time water repellence. Carefully mix the product. Should it appear too dense, dilute with 5% of
warm water. Apply EcoCera only when CeboArt Stucco o Marmorino is completely dry. Use a synthetic sponge avoiding excess of product; polish the surface with a woollen cloth within 30-40 minutes.

product use dilution (water) approx. coverage tool drying time colour
base coat CeboFix R interior 20% – 30% 10-12 m2/L min. 24 h white
finish coat CeboArt Stucco interior ready to use 2 m2/KG min. 24 h CeboKit & CCS
finish coat CeboArt Marmorino interior ready to use 0,8-1 m2/KG min. 24 h CeboKit & CCS
finish coat CeboArt Lux interior ready to use 5 m2/L min. 24 h CeboKit & CCS
protective coat Ecocera interior 5% max 30 m2/L 4-6 h transparent

Colour Card:

The shades here presented are computer colour simulations; they must therefore be considered as indicative only, and not binding. Please refer to the Colour Cards with original samples, available with our authorised Dealers.

Preparation of the colours:
CeboArt Stucco

CeboArt Marmorino

20 kg 1×100 ml 2×100 ml 6×100 ml
10 kg 2×25 ml 1×100 ml 3×100 ml
5 kg 1×25 ml 2×25 ml 6×25 ml
2 kg 10 ml 20 ml 60 ml


CeboArt Stucco

CeboArt Marmorino

301 – 308
20 kg 4×300 ml
10 kg 2×300 ml
5 kg 1×300 ml
2 kg 120 ml


CeboArt Lux CeboKit
5 lt 1×25 ml 2×25 ml 6×25 ml
1 lt 5 ml 10 ml 30 ml