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Waterbased finish, based on styrene acrylic resin, odorless, with perfect characteristics of scrub resistance, coverage, whiteness and reduced dirt pick-up. Ideal for residences, offices, public places and wherever the precious smooth and satin finish is requested. CeboTop Lak can be easily matched with precious finishes of the Cebos Color line.

Surface treatment:

CeboTop Lak can be applied over gypsum, fine renders or previous paintings, perfectly cleaned from eventual dust and incrustations. In case of recently repaired walls, highly absorbent or chalky substrates, apply a coat of priming fixative CeboFix M by brush, diluted 1:1 with water. CeboTop Lak can be also applied over metals, wood and plastic:  in this case it is necessary to prepair surface with the appropriate primer.

Description Norm Result Value of reference
Specular brilliance angle measurament 85°


2813 – 2001

12,7 Gloss Semi-matt
Covering power



97,45% Good
Dirt pick-up



Delta L 0,13 <3 very low
Cleaning test

UNI 11021-2002

Appendix B

Delta E 0,8 <3
Scrub resistence



5500 >5000 perfect
Release of odour

UNI 11021-2002

Appendix A

0,3 <1

Use in environments with the presence of food (HACCP)

CeboTop Lak Satin is classified as the painting system, suitable for environments where food is present, according to the Norm UNI 11021. The certificate is available upon request.


Apply CeboTop Lak in two coats, with a short hair woollen roller or brush, previously diluted on 10-15% with water.

product use dilution (water) approx. coverage tool drying time colour
fixative coat CeboFix M interior 1:1 10 m2/L 24 h transparent
finish coat CeboTop Lak Satin –


interior 10%-15% 7-8 m2/L

two coat

4-6 h CeboKit & CCS


Colour card:

The shades here presented are computer colour simulations; they must therefore be considered as indicative only, and not binding. Please refer to the Colour Cards with original samples, available with our authorised Dealers.

Preparation of the colours:

CeboTop Lak


5 L 2,5 L 1 L
Tinte /8 200 ml 100 ml 40 ml
Tinte /4 100 ml 50 ml 20 ml


CeboTop Lak


10 L 5 L 1 L
Tinte /4 200 ml 100 ml 20 ml
Tinte /2 100 ml 50 ml 10 ml
Tinte /1 50 ml 25 ml 5 ml