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It is a breathable decorative coating for interiors and exteriors, based on acrylic resins and natural sand, coated with weatherproof and sunlight resistant pigments. The application of CONTRASTO effect allows to obtain smooth, matt surfaces, but with the bicolour tonality in particular veins. The exclusive design can adapt to any decoration need, being able to orient the stripe in the desired direction (diagonal, vertical, horizontal). The characteristic effect and high resistance make it a product for interior decoration, suitable for all surfaces.

Surface treatment:

CeboFix R:

Pigmented, acrylic fixative, containing fine quartz sand. Apply one or two coats of CeboFix R with a short hair woollen roller to uniform the surface. When CeboFix R is completely dry, continue the application with CeboGranit.

Application cycle – CONTRASTO effect:

CeboGranit is ready-to-use and must be applied in two coats with a stainless steel trowel. Apply the first coat of CeboGranit white, smoothing perfectly the surface to remove any imperfection and attain a uniform layer. When the first coat is completely dry (minimum 12 hours), apply the second coat of the product in two colours, chosen by the catalogue. First, apply one colour and then the other in parallel and alternating manner. It’s always advisable to give the priority to the darker shade. Proceed with long and narrow movements in the chosen direction, completing one created vein from the beginning to the end of the wall. In order to avoid the unaesthetic joints, it’s  recommended to proceed in the parallel manner to the created design of the previously applied colour. Before the complete drying, go over the surface with the clean trowel in order to compact the product.


Water based transparent protective product with special fluorinated polymers. When applied on CeboGranit, it forms an invisible water repellent barrier, protecting the surface from the atmospheric pollution. Apply CeboFlow when CeboGranit is completely dry, in one coat, going from the bottom to the top in order to avoid dripping.

CeboVitra Più:

water based transparent protective glossy product, based on polyurethane resins. Applied on CeboGranit, as well as making it extremely scratch-resistant and washable, gives the environments of frequent use (bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, shops etc) a delicate glossy appearance. Apply CeboVitra Più when CeboGranit is completely dry, in two coats with a short hair woolen roller.

product use dilution (water) approx. coverage tool drying time colour
base coat CeboFix R int/ext 20%-30% 10-12 m2/L min. 24 h white
finish coat CeboGranit int/ext ready to use 2,4-2,8m2/L for coat min. 24 h CeboKit & CCS
protective coat CeboFlow int/ext ready to use 10 m2/L 4-6 h transparent
protective coat CeboVitra Più interior ready to use 8-10 m2/L 4-6 h transparent

Colour card:

The shades here presented are computer colour simulations; they must therefore be considered as indicative only, and not binding. Please refer to the Colour Cards with original samples, available with our authorised Dealers.

Preparation of the colurs
CeboGranit CeboKit
/1 /2 /3 /6
15 L 25 ml 2×25 ml 3×25 ml 6×25 ml
3 L 5 ml 10 ml 15 ml 30 ml