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CeboMarmo, le pietre splendenti

Precious water-based acrylic finish for interiors, with a glossy appearance. CeboMarmo reinterprets the marble effect by reproducing the movements of the typical veins and the brilliance of a precious and refined material, giving an exclusive charm to any environment.

Suitable surfaces:

Surfaces have to be perfectly smooth and flat: any imperfections must be eliminated or during CeboMarmo application defects would be negatively emphasized.

If wall leveling is required, it is important to proceed in the same direction and style as applying the final effect.

On smoothed,powdering or absorbent walls, apply one coat by brush of fixative CeboFix M diluted 1:1 with water.


CeboFix Primo primer application:

Apply one coat of CeboFix Primo, with a short-hair roller, diluted to 20% with water; wait the complete drying to proceed (6-8 hours).

CeboMarmo PIETRA NOBILE application

Apply CeboMarmo light color with a stainless steel trowel in diagonal all over the surface.

The choice of color (light or dark) how to start is subjective.


Wait the complete drying (at least 6-8 hours).


Remove from the surface all the imperfections and, if necessary, sand it by hand or machine with a 180 grain.

Apply CeboMarmo light color with the stainless steel trowel, diagonally. To prevent the product from drying out before of the sovrapposition of the dark color, it is advisable to proceed with the application for about 2 square meters at a time.

On the still wet product, apply CeboMarmo dark color following the direction of the application.

Work the surface using the stainless steel trowel with enough pressure to compact and uniform the product.

Repeat the first phase all over the surface.


OPTION 1 – Hand polishing – :

Before of the complete drying, polish the surface using a perfectly clean stainless still trowel.

OPTION 2 – Machine polishing – :

After at least 2-4 hours from the application of the last CeboMarmo hand, polish the surface using the machine with the following sequence of abrasive discs:

1st  : 2000 grain

2nd  : 4000 grain

IMPORTANT: After the polishing process, a thorough hand polishing with the stainless steel trowel is still required.


CeboWax: beeswax-based interior finish, breathable and water repellent.

Apply one coat by synthetic sponge of CeboWax diluted 1:1 with water Apply the wax following the application direction and then immediately, with a soft cloth, take away the material in excess from the surface.

After waiting 10-15 minutes, polish the surface with a stainless steel trowel using an adeguate pressure on the surface.

PIETRA NOBILE can be realized also in VERTICAL following the same phases just simply changing the application direction.

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