Cebos professionals at your service

Technical Staff

Expert and qualified, always at your side to listen to you, assist you and allow you to deal with technical situations with safety and professionalism.

A group of technicians supports our sales network on a daily basis, interacting directly with resellers, applicators, designers and companies.

The internal coordination of the Technical Staff guarantees a rapid and targeted service throughout the national territory: it also allows requests and requests to be collected and conveyed to the Company to be transformed into solutions and proposals.

Tintometric system

CeboColorStation is a reliable ally, simple to use, precise in color reproduction, advantageous: a concrete response to the needs of the decoration world, an indispensable resource for offering a personalized service to applicators and end customers.

Available with manual or automatic tinting machine, in both cases it requires limited space and minimal maintenance.

The CCS Software allows you to create all the Cebos Color color collections, as well as store and reproduce customized shades.

Thanks to the partnership with NCS®©, a selection of over 1,000 NCS®© colors is also available.

Educational training

A program divided into different formats, dedicated to Resellers and Applicators.

Modern and original, the new Multimedia Demos allow you to involve and stimulate the creativity of Applicators, keeping them updated on technical-application topics and the latest decorative trends.

The Professional Courses include practical tests and personalized assistance, to allow the Decorator to express their potential and increase their skills.

Research and development

Cebos Color has built a quality team over time, with diversified and complementary professional skills: from formulation research in the laboratory to the study of application cycles, from marketing to graphic design.

A creative department where new projects take shape every day, trends in shapes and colors are studied, products and solutions inspired by the search for beauty and authentic Italian style are perfected.

Continuous evolution, respect for tradition and acquired cultural heritage make Cebos Color a point of reference for those looking for innovative solutions that manage to combine creativity and practicality.